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Marty & Allison Marcinczyk

Trip Start: May 01 2001 - Trip End: May 30 2002

Marty and Allison travel thru central america in search of friends waves and new experiences.

We are in pursuit of unknown destinations off-road adventure high surf breaks tall mountains and extraordinary experiences. We call ourselves Travels with Rover. Where Steinbeck wrote about his trip across the U.S. with his dog named Charlie our companion is Rover our Land Rover Defender packed with an inverter laptop GPS camera 3 surf boards spare parts and camping gear.North and Central AmericaAfter working for 3 "start-up.coms" over eight years we were ready for a break from the fast pace high-tech rat race. For ten months we followed our own path stopped at places of interest and stayed as long or as short as we liked based on the environment its people and culture. Our trip began in Northern Virginia ventured into Canada and crossed the U.S. into California. We visited Utah and the Grand Canyon covered with snow and then headed south through Mexico. We explored Central America and drove to the end of the road in the Darien Gap and back.

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