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Nikos & Georgia

Trip Start: Apr 29 2012 - Trip End: Apr 29 2014

We promised to grow up the list of visited places and put as many pins as we can in the world map. To visit as many places as possible. To live the adventure of wandering with our own means in unknown places for us. To get away from the easy living. To make it now that we are young. To escape from the daily routine and leave for a while the wellbeing stuff.

In fact the primary purpose of "The pin project" is to live new and different experiences in unfamiliar places crossing cities and countries without knowing when it will end or scheduling strict timetables.. we are talking about pins not dots. Mrs. Valia when first heard the initial idea commented ".. go for it but for no more than two years unless you find a paradise where milk and honey flows from the sky.."It is true also that the prevailing atmosphere played its role and perhaps gave rise to such a decision. Its very romantic to say that you want to travel all around the world but harder than that to think about giving up everything and go. Without having any intention to be consumed in the greek social economic and political situation and no trace of vanity and adventurism rather the jungle is what we leave and not where we go.

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The pin project



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