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Trip Start: Aug 02 2008 - Trip End: Jan 30 2010

Im going to ride a motorbike from Alaska to Argentina because it sounds like a hoot and I like places that start with the letter A. I went to Acton once and I had a great time. Im some kind of Kiwi-Canadian-Brit hybrid so Im used to travelling. Last time I counted I had been to about a hundred countries or something. Even Wales. Anyway I thought Id try and liven up the experience this time by adding in the constant threat of imminent motorcycle-related death though after learning to ride a bike in London this should be a doddle.

Extract from the diary: "August 29th 2009Altitude and wine don?t mix. After getting up to do a walk with a couple of German girls I had the menu of the day which came with either coke or wine. As I don?t really like cola I had wine and had a headache for the rest of the day as Huaraz is at 3000 meters.Also I would like to give a special mention to the dogs of this area. They are the most violent that I have met and I am constantly being chased by them on my motorbike and a couple of them have bitten my trousers.

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Alaska to Argentina



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