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Trans World Expedition

Nicolas Rapp

Trip Start: Nov 15 2009 - Trip End: Mar 01 2011

In the summer of 2009 Nicolas Rapp decided to take a break from his Art Director job at The Associated Press to attempt a one-year overland travel around the world in a Toyota Landcruiser.

The goal of the Trans World Expedition is to drive around the world wherever it?s possible and when it?s not to put the car on a boat and sail to the next available place. The timeframe is approximately one year. The departure and arrival point is New York City USA the city where I lived for many years. The route is simple. Cross Central America jump the Darien Gap and South America down to Buenos Aires Argentina. From there sail to South Africa come back up to Paris France to get some paperwork done then go east through Eastern Europe Iran Pakistan India sail to avoid Myanmar visit Thailand Laos Cambodia Malaysia and Indonesia and sail back to the U.S.

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