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Chris Heiko and RanTanPlan

Trip Start: Aug 03 2003 - Trip End: Nov 01 2008

Travelling (and working) since 2003 first in Africa South America (inchallah) and so on.Blog in german language.

We are travelling (and working travelling is espensive!) since August 2003 with our togolese crazy dog RanTanPlan in our lovely but pigheaded VW syncro van. Think we could be the lowest travellers in the world - but speed isnt the most important is it? The fact that we stay sometimes longer in a country to refill our travel fund allows us to better see ans understand what is happening "backstage".Our route: First Africa on the west side from North to South after that hopefuly South America from South to North. The route after that is still written in the stars. But we have much more countries to visit I hope!!!

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