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G‚raldine & Yann

Trip Start: Oct 01 2007 - Trip End: Oct 01 2008

We are a french couple who decided in october 2007 to leave for our world tour... Backpack? bike? 4x4? truck? No! Hachille a former Citro‰n bakery van from 1969 is our vehicle during this travel around the world.

39 years old 3 gears 70 horses power original 1.9l fuel engine but such a nice look! We are not at al specialized in the mechanic... but we learn on the road ... and Hachille as such a simple mechanics that any good mechanic of he world is able to fix it.We equipped this vehicle with all the facilities to live on board... and lets go first to South America... then to Asia...

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Sur les Chemins du Monde



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