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Glossop to Canberra... and back again

Graham Kelly

Trip Start: Jul 16 2002 - Trip End: Jan 10 2004

Graham heads overland to Australia - on the promise of a mate who has a Guinness waiting for him!

Excerpt from the diary: "Back onto the road and headed towards the Laos-Thai border in the NW of Laos. Along Route 3.This road is truly spectacular. If you happen to find yourself at a loose end and have a couple of spare days pop over here with your motor and "do" this road.Although these pictures do it some justice some sections were cut out of the side of a mountain with a track only just sufficiently wide to take the truck. In the wet-season this road is classified (as much as anything is "classified" in Laos) as a "4WD route". Even then the side slopes cut into the mountainside and sloping downhill covered with a slippery clay surface would require you to be carrying more than a single spare pair of underpants"

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Glossop to Canberra... and back again



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