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Jo & Ants

Trip Start: May 20 2006 - Trip End: May 31 2007

Well there are two of us but as Tuk to the Road we are a single three-wheeled entity. Were Jo and Ants two 27 year olds from Brighton and Norfolk. On May 20th 2006 were off on the trip of a lifetime a 10000 mile road trip from Bangkok to Brighton in a tuk tuk. Yes you read right a tuk tuk. One of those noisy slightly uncomfortable machines you get catapulted around Thailand and India on. Keep an eye on this blog over the next few months and well tell you all about our misdemeanors.

Excerpt from the diary: "The roads may be better but the driving is still totally bonkers. Our ?best? stretch of road yesterday was perhaps the scariest we have encountered; buffalo carts doing U turns onto the carriageway trucks coming straight at you down the wrong side of the road and upturned nails where temporary speed bumps once were. You can?t afford to lose concentration for a nanosecond. I still can?t work out why so many people here seem to favour driving the wrong way down dual carriageways or going round roundabouts backwards."

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