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ODYSSEY - Driving Around the World

Nick & Team

Trip Start: Nov 01 2003 - Trip End: Nov 25 2004

ODYSSEY: Driving Around the World takes the drama of everyday life and casts it on an exotic global stage. But what happens when the stakes are not monetary and the only opponent is the unknown? Experience the true journey of 7 young professionals as they strike out on a gruelling one-year driving expedition around the world. You will discover the diversity of culture geography while sharing the experience of life on foreign roads with a group of volunteers who dropped everything for the adventure of a lifetime?

Excerpt from the diary: "Today was one of the most memorable and spectacular days of our trip so far! We are still on the Gunbarrel Hwy and in the middle of Australias famous "Outback." We awoke to a picturesque scene of wildflowers and our camped vehicles glowing in the morning light. There was a light wind which kept off the majority of flies as well; it was Mother Nature giving us a helping hand."

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ODYSSEY - Driving Around the World



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