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Nick & Team

Trip Start: Jan 01 1999 - Trip End: Dec 28 1999

Around the World 1999Nick Chanda Todd Earle Doug and Jeff head around the world in two Land Rover Dormobiles called "Hercules" and "Alaska"

Excerpt from the diary: "It was an uneventful day. We drove for a really really long time. We had to drive well into the dark. When we finally got into Zhongwei the farmers were burning their fields. They have already harvested all of their crops. There is a thick haze of smoke across the road that was totally killing us when we were driving. That on top of the insane Chinese highway driving. Today was a long day of driving but we did have a 2-hour lunch break. No surprise here we had Chinese food for lunch. We washed it down with ice cold Fuzure Cola. "

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