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Ultimate Journey

Chris & Erin

Trip Start: May 20 1999 - Trip End: Aug 06 2003

Our Around-the-World tour a motorcycle adventure on two BMW bikes that took more than four years (1999-2003) and covered 50 countries on six continents while riding 101322 miles (163061 kms). At the end of our journey we discovered we nearly doubled the record for Longest Motorcycle Ride (Team) and Guinness World Records has awarded us the new record.

Excerpt from the diary: "Damage to my body would be felt the following day in the form of a stiff leg. My AeroStich pants have a small hole in the kneepad for which Ill get a patch. The bike came away with a few scratches on the Jesse bags a broken zipper on the right tank pannier a bent front fender and the oil cooler got pulled off the crash bar. "

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Ultimate Journey



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