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The World By Road

Steve Bouey & Steve Shoppman

Trip Start: Nov 01 2005 - Trip End: Jul 01 2008

The World by Road is just that. What started as a roadtrip through Asia has turned into a backroad journey around the globe starting in December 06. Jump on board with us through our interactive site and view our regularly updated video photos and journal entries. Whether we are climbing mountains running from nomads and gypsies or just getting lost in the jungle you can be right there watching asking questions and ultimately helping this journey go around the world. Our journey has two sides: one based in adventure and the other based in culture and the societies of the world. Along with our backgound in adventure sports we have a web of agreements with aid organizations around the world that we will be interviewing and shadowing so matter what the interest there will be content for everyones tastes.

You can browse through our site to learn more about our preparations watch some of our mini pre-departure adventures and travels and sign up for the newsletter to keep up to date with our progress. This is going to be quite an adventure and we want everyone to be on board in spirit however if you think you are up to it check out the Join Us page and let us know how you might be a great addition to our crew.

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