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Overland Trip 2006

Lizzy and Roel

Trip Start: Mar 20 2006 - Trip End: Jan 01 2008

We are planning to leave in the beginning of February via Eastern Europe Turkey Iran Pakistan and India and then via ?sea container? towards OZ.Back to Coober Pedy Australia. This is the place we met in the year 2000?"

Excerpt from the diary: "It had clearly been raining heavily further up the valley as the river we were driving beside looked like a raging torrent of chocolate milk. After only a few miles we came to a roadblock to be told that there had been a landslide round the next bend and the road was impassable. Roel and Dick decided to walk round the bend and take a look for themselves. The main obstacle turned out to be a large patch of extremely gloopy mud. "

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Overland Trip 2006



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