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Norbert & Ruth

Trip Start: May 01 2006 - Trip End: May 01 2007

We are Norbert & Ruth still living in Holland (Arnhem) But in 2006 somewhere around May we will leave towards Australia mostly overland via Asia. Our Defender 110 will be our "home" for at least a year.Almost a year ago we decided to make that trip weve always dreamed about and do what we always wanted to do. Quitting our jobs leaving our home and go with the flow!

Excerpt from the diary: "09-08-2006Chandigar. After all the hardship of the past weeks and days have we suddenly come to an enormous luxury!The much too long trip from Manali to Chandigarh has taken its toll. Exhausted hungry and warm we arrive in the dark in Chandigarh. "

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