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Life Remotely

Life Remotely

Trip Start: Oct 06 2011 - Trip End: Mar 01 2013

LifeRemotely has three members, Jessica & Kobus Mans who drove though Africa in 2008 and was on this site as RedDwarf, and Jared, Jessica's brother.

We are currently overlanding though South America and aim to be guide for becoming a digital nomad or a location independent professional. we provide resources for working while traveling, long-term travel advice, working remotely, international freelancing and telecommuting jobs.

Technology gives us the ability to work remotely. Curiosity, wonder and boredom drive us to the far reaches of the world. Put the two together and you have Life Remotely.

We've spent the past fifteen years traveling and working around the world. In October of 2011 we left our home in Seattle and headed south. Our goal: drive to Patagonia and spend the night in Antarctica. From there, who knows.

We recently published a Free ebook on Overlanding Mexico and Central America, visit our website for a free copy.

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