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David & Jayne

Trip Start: Aug 16 2009 - Trip End: Nov 01 2014

Africa Asia Australia Americas - so far 4 years 170,000 km 62 countries in a 110LR Defender and still going

To fill you in,16th August 2013, four years since we set off on this journey. Not much deliberation other than it seemed like a “good idea” Just quit our jobs, sold, donated and trashed all our possessions’ and left on a wing and a prayer in an old LandRover we named Lizzybus.

David a Legal bod, I worked in IT not exactly the best qualifications for what lay ahead, more like lambs to the slaughter. Friends and family reckoned we’d make it to Dover, one had enough faith to say perhaps France.

“HEY you lot, four years 62 countries, 6 continents and still going!”

On reflection I know for me total naivety has got me through, if I knew for one minute what lay ahead I’d never have left! For David with his dogged determination and bloody mindedness, he has found a passion he never ever want’s to end.

For us both, it has been the most humbling amazing experience, to anyone ever thinking about travel in any way, a week a month a year anything, it’s all an achievement. “Just Do It” or as in LandRover slogan One Life live it!

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