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Wybren van der Wal & Alexander Martens

Trip Start: Jan 31 2014 - Trip End: Jun 29 2014

We are Wybren van der Wal and Alexander Martens and we make at this moment an overland trip from The Netherlands to Cape Town, South-Africa.
Through this site we would like to keep our family, friends, and everyone who is interested updated.

Extract from the blog:
-We drove 29.743 kilometres starting from Arnhem end ending in Cape Town
-We drove this in 143 days
-The day average is 208 kilometres
-The biggest distance we’ve covered is more than 1000 kilometres (Arnhem – Innsbruck, Abu Dhabi – Riyad, Riyad – Jeddah)
-We used 4871 litres of diesel
-On average we drove 6,1 kilometres per litre
-We’ve passed 23 countries
-We had 0 (!) punctures or flat tyres
-We got 0 (!!!) fines (ok 1 fine, but we didn’t agree with it so we didn’t pay)

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