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Roy and Michelle

Trip Start: Aug 17 2014 - Trip End: Feb 28 2017

A Brazilian couple travels around the world with a Land Rover Defender 130, adapted with a motorhome.

Between 2007 and 2009 Roy and Michelle realized ​​their first expedition around the world in a motor vehicle.
160.000 kilometers, 1.033 days, 60 countries, 5 continents, 80 borders crossed, 186 police stops, 4 car shippings, 259 tolls, 6 crossings of the Equator Line, Lower altitude (-) 428m, Highest altitude 5.416m, 50.692 photos, 17.134,70 liters of diesel, 3 sets of tires and 4 puncture tires.

On August 17th of 2014 they are leaving again, for their second world trip with the same car. The Land Rover motorhome was rebuilt for the second adventure around the world. The new project is called Mundo por Terra - Latitude 70. The couple want to reach three points in the world above Latitude 70 N: in Alaska, Norway and Russia. The last one will be the biggest challenge of the expedition, as they will try to do it on winter time, crossing the coldest inhabited place in the world. A big differential of this second trip is a new point of view. Roy and Michelle will also register the places flying with a paramotor (a paragliding with a motor).

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