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Trip Start: Jun 01 2015 - Trip End: Jul 28 2015

Moya or “uMoya” means wind, fire, spirit or air. This not only symbolises that on our trips you are as free as the wind, but also that on these trips Africa will set a fire in your heart & soul. Our credo is to Come Alive and what better way to come than to fill your lungs and life with Air. Our mission is to awaken your spirit. Our mission is to take you on an adventure of a lifetime! Our mission is to Come Alive!!
Our definition of “Tribe” is a small, unorthodox group of individuals not conforming to society. Once again our aim is to be FREE

The adventure spirited tribe of Africa. We are an overland company specializing in student safaris in and around Southern Africa. We thrive on taking you further and deeper into the richness of Africa, exploring her dangerous wild beauty! Our vision is simple: to have as much fun as humanly possible under the African skies! Whether you’re a group of friends or an untamed spirit looking for a student focused overland trip Moya Tribe Adventures is the group for you! We offer highly specialised custom trips including thrilling activities around every corner travelling off Africa’s beaten tracks, the only question is.....are you brave enough?

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