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Cape 2 Cape on 2 Wheels

Flemming Ehlerth Jørgensen

Trip Start: May 20 2014 - Trip End: Oct 20 2014

You can follow my preparations for, and realization of a 50.000 km. motorcykel journy, taking me though more than 50 countries in Europe and Africa.

When planning my adventure, I realized the possibility to contribute and help some - hopefully many children, to give them a fair chance going to school, my idea is, that anyone enjoying my website, can help me to collect money to SOS Boernebyerne Denmark/SOS Children Villages Denmark. The contribution will be used primarily for education of African children at SOS Children Village Denmark. You can find a lot more information on my website. Hope you will enjoy it.

Kind regards Flemming

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Cape 2 Cape on 2 Wheels



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