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Amanda Gordon and Chris Fraser

Trip Start: Jul 15 2016 - Trip End: Jul 31 2017

Dead2 Website includes route (and route information including highlights, visa requirements, and general information), team information, car alterations, photos, community outreach, and a blog.

The Dead2 site features our journey from Durban to Dubai (taking the long way around!) Meet Amanda and Chris on the website...newly married adventurers who will overland most of Africa in their loyal Toyota Prado.
Our website is filled with useful information for the traveler who would like to participate in similar journeys. Logistical information including border crossings and visa requirements are included (specifically relating to South African and American citizens). Other useful information including best time to travel have been added. We will fill in our highlights as we complete each country.
Chris will detail all of the car alterations and update regularly on which brands have carried us through the roughest terrains.
A blog will be updated regularly, telling of our trials and tribulations throughout the experience! Follow us along the East coast of Africa before we cut across Zambia and Angola, journeying on along the west coast. We continue our trip along the Med Coast before heading north into Turkey, Georgia, and Azerbaijan. We will take on Iran before heading back to our home in Dubai.
Professional quality photos will also be uploaded for each country.
Our community outreach programs will document where we have been able to help out (targeting the most rural areas along our route).

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